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I have quite a few piercings myself. I recently met a guy at an art show and we were talking about my jewelry. He wants a piercing himself, but, there's a catch: he's HIV positive (I'm not). I have always signed a paper when being pierced declaring I have no blood-born illness, but, in my research since this conversation I can't find any official laws forbidding HIV positive people from being pierced. Is this something he would just disclose, or even possible? Is it up to the piercer?



Disclosure of any personal medical information is up to the individual. Many of those fancy release forms that ask a client to disclose medical history are not required by law, but are optional. In some regions asking a client to disclose medical information may actually be unlawful. Here are some hard facts for you to think about which changes your question quite a bit. 

Piercers work on clients with bloodborne illnesses all the time, whether the piercer or even the client knows it. Its just statistics and percentages. 

From the CDC website:

More than 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 6 (15.8%) are unaware of their infection.

Any professional should be working on the assumption that the client has everything. A professional piercer or tattoo artist, or anyone working with blood or other infectious material for that matter, should be trained to understand safety concerns. When to change gloves, when and how to disinfect, how to prevent cross contamination. My point is, you shouldn’t only be careful when a client tells you they have  a communicable disease. You should be careful and thorough every time regardless of the client. 

If a client wants to disclose any medical condition that is their personal choice, but a professional piercer should be taking the same precautions regardless of who they are working on. I have had clients disclose medical conditions before and it didn’t change how I operated one bit. The only concern I have is for their personal safety and well being related to healing. If someone has a compromised immune system from a medical condition I would simply ask them to discuss wound healing with their doctor before getting a new piercing or body modification. 

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what are good stones for protection and traveling? Im moving out of my parents house to go out to college and im worried about my safety a bit and traveling things





amethyst — protection while traveling (very good for soothing stress, too)

moonstone — protection while traveling, known as “the traveler’s stone”

aquamarine — protection when traveling over water

hematite — general physical protection and helps with grounding, which may reduce stress and encourage focus

turquoise — general physical protection, particularly from falls (originates from a folk belief)

malachite — protection, especially when traveling by flight

larimar — protection when traveling by flight and/or over the ocean

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